Chinese are close to creating a system that breaks any ciphers

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of Chinese scientists published an article in which they announced the development of a quantum computer architecture for breaking any modern ciphers.

The architecture allows cracking codes using a relatively small number of qubits – at the level of 10 thousand, while it was previously believed that encryption would be broken by systems with 100 thousand qubits or more. This means that the compromise of modern ciphers is not far off.

Getting closer to the creation of a quantum system for breaking encryption codes will allow the architecture of a computer with quantum memory. Currently, all or almost all of the presented quantum computing systems (although it is more correct to say – quantum process simulators) do not have memory for storing intermediate quantum states of qubits.

The very nature of qubits does not allow this to be done simply. Write the quantum state of the qubit is equal to the measurement of this state, and the measurement of the state leads to the collapse of the quantum system. A qubit can only be mothballed one way or another. To do this reliably and reproducibly is not yet possible.

Chinese scientists claim they have found a way to preserve the state of qubits in crystals. Experiments show that the idea works, although the path to practical implementation will be very long. However, there is a chance to get to the system to break the ciphers much earlier than it would have happened if moving along the previous path.

In an article in the Chinese peer-reviewed scientific journal Acta Physica Sinica, the scientists reported that their on-chip memory can store qubits for an hour or so. At the same time, the quantum information in the memory is updated as the calculations are performed (in any case, they will move towards this).

Such a memory was previously developed for quantum cryptography as an opportunity to create quantum repeaters.

To date, there are no commercial quantum repeaters and the quantum communication segment is rather short, 60–70 km. The creation of quantum memory will help both for breaking modern ciphers, and for the development of quantum cryptography and, of course, quantum computing.


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