Chinese are able to balance various objects

(ORDO NEWS) — Wang Yekun is probably an exceptionally patient person, as he spends hours trying to balance various objects. One gets the feeling that they are being held by some unknown force.

An electrician by training, Wang Yekun spends hours trying to balance various objects by placing them on top of each other.

From vintage sewing machines to large gas cylinders precariously balanced on thin metal wrenches. And it seems that there is nothing that Van Yekun could not use for his impressive stunts.

Yekun started creating balancing structures in 2017 and only three years later began sharing his achievements on social media. Since then, he has been doing it, and now he has several million followers on Tik Tok alone.

Wang Yekong, who lives in eastern China‘s Shandong province, has become a star in his country with his captivating videos.

During his attempts at balancing, he often broke dozens of bottles, and on other occasions destroyed artwork hours before completion.

In the end, Wang always achieved his goal. His dedication and dedication attracted people to his art.

“Balancing life is an art, sometimes serious and sometimes funny,” Wang once said.
In addition to inanimate objects such as a bicycle supported by three glass bottles, Van Yekun also specializes in dynamic installations. For example, they involved people sitting on seemingly falling chairs.


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