China’s largest freshwater lake dries up to a record high

(ORDO NEWS) — Authorities in central China’s Jiangxi province have declared a “red alert” due to a record shallowing of the Poyang freshwater lake, the largest in the country. It is reported by Reuters.

Poyang regulates the flow of the Yangtze, the longest river in the country. Due to a prolonged drought in recent months, the water level in the reservoir has fallen from 19.43 to 7.1 meters.

The Jiangxi Water Resources Monitoring Center said the lake will become even shallower in the coming days, as rainfall in the region since July was 60% less than a year earlier.

A long dry spell in the Yangtze River basin severely reduced hydropower generation and damaged crops ahead of the fall harvest.

While heavy rains have improved the situation in China’s southwestern regions, the central regions continue to suffer. In Jiangxi province, the drought has lasted for more than 70 days.

In neighboring Anhui province, 10 reservoirs have all but dried up and can no longer discharge water downstream.

State weather forecasters said dry conditions prevail in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze, so water must be diverted from elsewhere and clouds must be seeded to bring rain.


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