China will launch solar panels into space that will transmit energy to Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — A leading Chinese energy company plans to collect solar energy around the clock in Earth orbit. Through special panels, this energy will be transmitted back to Earth.

Chinese Longi Green Energy Technology Company is the world’s largest solar energy company. In words, the voiced scheme sounds very simple, but in practice it is a rather difficult process.

Although Longi is far from the first company to explore the possibility of space-based solar panels (such studies have been carried out in the US, and the European Union recently ordered an evaluation of a project to build an orbital power plant ), it seems to have advanced in turning this technology into a reality.

It remains only to wait

It should be noted that China, as he himself claims, was the first to develop a successful model for the transmission of space solar energy.

Researchers at Xidian University captured sunlight high above the ground, turned it into microwave beams, and delivered it to a receiving station on Earth that turned the energy into electricity.

However, not a single working system has been demonstrated so far, so it remains only to believe the words and wait for the country to launch the first solar panels into orbit and demonstrate their work.

China already sees the prospect of partnering with the solar panel company. Wu Zhijian, president of the government-funded China Space Foundation, said Longi’s creation of a space solar panel laboratory could lead to a renewable energy partnership with the China National Space Association.

Despite the fact that the success of the concept itself is in big question, as well as China’s statements regarding this direction, if successful, this approach to energy generation will be revolutionary.


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