China to start searching for habitable planets outside the solar system by 2030

(ORDO NEWS) — China plans to start searching for habitable planets outside the solar system by 2030. Wu Yansheng, chairman of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC).

“By 2030, we will begin a mission called the Search for Voices. Its task is to study outer space outside the solar system to find out if there are planets suitable for human life,” the Global Times quoted him as saying.

As Wu Yansheng clarified, in the coming years, China is going to carry out interplanetary missions to explore Jupiter and Uranus, as well as the outskirts of the solar system. Around 2025, China will launch a space probe to asteroids relatively close to Earth, he said.

“Moreover, in the next 10-15 years, China will carry out a mission to deliver samples from Mars to our planet,” the head of CASC said.

The chairman of the corporation added that by 2028, Beijing intends to build the basic structure of an international station on the moon.

He recalled that at the same time, Chinese specialists are developing a new heavy carrier rocket “Changzheng-9”, which will be capable of delivering up to 150 tons of cargo to near-Earth orbit.

“Our task is to ensure that by 2030 China will strengthen its position among other leading countries, and by 2045 it will become a powerful space power in all areas,” summed up Wu Yansheng.

China is actively developing the national space program, developing meteorological, telecommunications and navigation satellites, as well as technologies for the exploration of the moon.

In orbit, the construction of a space station has been completed, which should soon start operating normally.

In 2021, China carried out 55 space launches, setting a national record, surpassing the United States in this indicator and ranking first in the world.


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