China to create first-of-its-kind prototype wind turbine with blades over 100 meters long

(ORDO NEWS) — The Chinese company MingYang Smart Energy has announced the MySE 16.0-242 offshore wind turbine. This is a 16-megawatt giant with a height of 242 meters, capable of powering 20,000 homes.

The blades of the new wind turbine will cover 6 football fields, and it will be as high as a 62-story skyscraper. At the same time, it will be able to supply electricity to 20,000 homes.

With the growing popularity of alternative energy, not only the area of ​​​​wind and solar power plants is increasing, but also the size of individual installations.

It is no secret that one large wind turbine can replace several small ones, while occupying a smaller area. Giant installations benefit from large blade sizes and high height – all together this allows for efficient use of wind energy.

In August of this year, the Chinese company MingYang Smart Energy introduced the MySE 16.0-242 wind turbine, the prototype of which, once installed, can be considered the largest of its kind in the world. Its three blades, 118 meters long, will cover an area comparable to 6 football fields.

The 242-meter-high windmill will be able to generate 80 GWh of electricity. This is 45 percent more than the MySE 11.0-203 of the same Chinese company, although the overall size of the blades and the area they cover are only 19% higher.

The result of the introduction of this giant into operation should be a fall in prices for alternative wind energy. The current cost of wind energy, according to US experts, is $120.52 per MWh. By comparison, coal is at $72.78 and solar is around $32.78 without subsidies.

With the growing popularity of such power plants and the emergence of giant wind turbines, scientists predict a fall in prices per megawatt-hour of energy produced in this way by 37-49 percent by 2050.

The Chinese firm plans to build a prototype plant as early as 2022, and install and put it into operation in 2023. Industrial production is scheduled to start in the first half of 2024.


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