China tightens control of the Internet in response to criticism of the authorities

(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese censorship is known all over the world. Putin’s restrictions compared to the iron fist of the Communist Party of China look simply ridiculous – there is someone to take an example from. However, the authorities of the Celestial Empire are not enough. They introduced new rules.

According to media reports, the new measures were introduced after online criticism of the Chinese government.

The next rules were published last week in a document called “Regulations on the Administration of Commentary Services on the Internet.”

This is not the first time the authorities have tried to regulate the internet. Last year, for example, a law was passed allowing minors to play video games for just one hour on weekends.

New rules

According to the new law:

– All websites must manually review and approve each comment before posting it. This innovation will require individuals and companies operating sites in China to hire a “verification and editing team fit for review.”
– In case of detected violations, the list of which is determined by law, the moderators must report to the relevant authorities.
– Any site that provides users with a comment function must identify users – collect real names, surnames and other personal data to which the page will be linked.

Thus, they will fight against anonymous criticism, which the ruling party is so afraid of . Today, many websites are blocked in China to prevent citizens of the country from accessing information. The country also blocks VPN services that allow you to bypass censorship.

Under the ban, Google and all other non-Chinese search engines, except for Bing and Russian Yandex. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and even Tinder are not available.

You can’t use Vimeo, Netflix, Amazon Prime, SoundCloud, Hulu, Spotify, Playstation and TikTok there – instead of the latter, a censored analogue called Douyin works. This is far from a complete list.

Closed to the citizens of the country and countless news agencies. These are mainly well-known Western publications that actively cover the regime’s crimes against the Uighurs, censorship, human rights violations in China, and more. Even the Chinese service of the BBC is blocked.

It is not clear how the Chinese sites will now function. There are many Internet users in the country. WeChat alone had 1.2 billion active registrations in 2020.

Today there should be even more. Even if we assume that only a certain percentage of people leave comments, this is still millions of publications daily.

To check so many comments would require an army of moderators, which would be tedious work and create a new wave of overwork problem.


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