China successfully tests Hyperloop technology

(ORDO NEWS) — China claims to have successfully tested a train with Hyperloop technology on a 2-kilometer test track in which the train rises above magnetic rails inside a vacuum tube.

State media report that the train has reached a speed of 130 kilometers per hour, but the project involves increasing the speed to 1,000 kilometers per hour.

This is the first time anyone in the world has designed and tested such technology. Plans are underway to build a 60 km test track.

Hyperloop trains use the maglev technology currently used worldwide in the form of high-speed trains , while taking it to the next level by placing the rails in a partial or full vacuum.

The complete absence of air resistance or friction allows trains to move quickly and efficiently, and passengers on hyperloop trains even report that they do not feel how fast they are moving.

With no rails or wheels, the floating pods also make little to no sound, making for a comfortable ride to work.

In November 2020, Virgin Hyperloop made history with the first-ever passenger ride using Hyperloop technology , demonstrating that technology can be both safe and highly comfortable for passengers.

The capsules accelerated to 160 kilometers per hour in just six seconds, but the passengers said they did not feel this acceleration.

Unfortunately, shortly after, the company laid off half of its staff and announced that it would no longer transport people on its innovative trains.


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