China showed the concept of the module for the delivery of taikonauts to the moon

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(ORDO NEWS) — China has unveiled the concept of a lunar lander that should help taikonauts get to the Earth‘s natural satellite at the end of this decade.

A model of a Chinese lunar lander was displayed at an exhibition marking the 30th anniversary of China’s manned spaceflight program at the National Museum of China in Beijing.

The model shows that China is working on a staged descent concept that is different from the Apollo technology.

The propulsion stage will be used for most of the descent before the landing segment completes its powered descent and soft landing on the lunar surface.

The lander will also act as a vehicle to lift the crew back into lunar orbit and dock with the waiting spacecraft.

The lander is part of a plan to get two taikonauts to the lunar surface by around 2030.


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