China set national record for the number of space launches in 2021, significantly surpassing the United States

(ORDO NEWS) — In the past year, the Celestial Empire carried out 55 launches of space rockets. This is significantly more than the indicators of Russia and the United States.

China has increased its number of space launches by 40% over last year, setting a new national record. This was reported by TASS with reference to the Chinese Corporation of Aerospace Science and Technology .

In total, Beijing carried out 55 launches in the past year: thus, the Chinese are firmly in first place in the world. On the second line in the number of rocket and space launches – the United States, on the third – Russia.

The top ten also includes the European Union, India and a number of other countries: all of them are significantly behind the top three.

The nominal number of launches is an important, but far from the only, success for the Chinese space industry. In 2021, the Celestial Empire conducted several key launches at once, which should predetermine the development of its space sphere.

In April, China launched the first module for its largest orbital station, and in May, for the first time in its history, landed a rover on Mars. Now the Chinese continue to work on a super-heavy launch vehicle and a promising new generation spacecraft.


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