China reported massive attacks by hackers from the United States on Russia from its territory

(ORDO NEWS) — In addition to Russia, the actions of the burglars were directed at Ukraine and Belarus. True, our country got the most: it accounted for 87 percent of the attacks.

Foreign hackers are located mainly in the United States, hacking into computers in China, and then attacking Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

This was reported by TASS with reference to the Xinhua news agency and the State Emergency Internet Monitoring Center of China.

The Internet space of the Celestial Empire has been subjected to continuous cyber attacks from abroad since the end of February.

“Foreign organizations through attacks established control over computers in the territory of the PRC, and then carried out cyber attacks on Russia, Ukraine and Belarus,” they say in China.

The analysis showed that the addresses from which the hacks were carried out are located mainly in the United States.

According to Xinhua, more than 10 of them were recorded in New York State alone, and the traffic intensity at the peak value is about 36 gigabits per second.

Eighty-seven percent of these attacks are directed at Russia. In addition, the Chinese have registered a small number of source addresses of hackers, which are located in Germany, the Netherlands and some other countries. The agency said it took the best possible measures to prevent attacks.

Igor Lyapunov, vice-president of Rostelecom , announced on March 3 that the number of cyber-hacks on the websites of Russian state bodies has sharply increased in recent days.

“The excess is not just at times, but hundreds of times. That is, if earlier the number of attacks that took place [reached] units – dozens a day, now it is several hundred a day, they go on all fronts, ”he said. Such a level of attacks, according to Lyapunov, has never happened before.


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