China plans to test asteroid defense technology

(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese scientists have announced ambitious plans to test asteroid deflection technology on a small space rock.

If successful, this technology could provide humanity with a new defense against an asteroid apocalypse.

China has said it will try to test its combined asteroid deflection technology on a harmless asteroid as early as 2026.

The technology to prevent the end of the world could very well prove to be the salvation of mankind if it is successful, as it will reduce the likelihood of catastrophic asteroid impacts on Earth.

According to the media, for their experiment, which will begin in 2026, Chinese scientists have targeted the asteroid “202 PN1”.

The astronauts will use the Long March 3B rocket, which will include a separate impactor and orbiter. This impactor will explode in the vicinity of 202 PNI while a separate orbiter makes observations.

If successful, the space rock’s trajectory would change dramatically, confirming the asteroid deflection theory.
The mission is similar to NASA‘s DART mission in September, which should collide with the moon Dimorphos, which is orbiting an asteroid near Earth.

The news comes days after new images from the James Webb Space Telescope showed the infinite depths of space.

Launched in December 2021, the spacecraft is capable of capturing images of space like we’ve never seen before.


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