China is preparing to search for aliens

(ORDO NEWS) — China may soon make a significant contribution to the search for extraterrestrial life. State publication Science and Technology Daily reports that a spherical radio telescope with a five-hundred-meter FAST aperture will begin to search for alien signals in September.

In January, the telescope was officially put into operation, but now it is under modernization. FAST has a diameter of 500 meters and is the largest telescope with a filled aperture.

Scientist Zhang Tongjie emphasized that the search for extraterrestrial life will not interfere with regular scientific work with the telescope. And also do not have high hopes for these studies.

Although there are some “interesting narrow-band signals of potential aliens,” according to Tongjie, he does not expect them to come from intelligent life. Typically, distinctive radio signals come from pulsars or random fast radio bursts. Nevertheless, if aliens do exist and transmit radio signals close enough to us, FAST has every chance of catching them.


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