China is building the world’s largest wind turbines

(ORDO NEWS) — Each turbine will produce a maximum of 16 megawatts.

Wind turbines are getting bigger, but even by the standards of today’s titans, the ones at Zhangpu Liuao’s offshore wind farm are monsters.

According to the China Global Television Network, the station will be the first to install a 16-megawatt turbine manufactured by Goldwind Science and Technology Co., for a total capacity of 400 megawatts.

The center will be located at an altitude of 146 meters above the ocean, which is one and a half times the height of the Statue of Liberty with a torch.

The blades will have a diameter of 252 meters, each blade will be longer than a football field. China’s Three Gorges Corporation, which is building the station, estimates that each turbine will produce enough electricity to power 36,000 typical Chinese households and prevent 54,000 tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted a year.

Larger turbines require longer blades to drive them, so they need to be mounted on taller towers.

This has its advantages as the wind is more stable and blows at higher altitudes more often, but it also comes with a lot of technical problems.

When wind farms were on land, trucking components limited the size of each turbine, which was objected to by people living nearby.

However, as the countries around the North Sea began moving more of their wind farms offshore, developers have begun to install turbines from ships.

Ten years ago, when farms of this size first began to appear on the shelf, they needed large government subsidies.

In an attempt to make offshore wind competitive with fossil fuels, manufacturers and developers have decided that fewer, more powerful turbines will be the answer.

However, China continues to support more small turbines. Jiangsu Qidong’s largest offshore power plant uses a mixture of turbines from different manufacturers, but the average size is 6 megawatts.

The largest model featured on the Goldwind website is 8.0 megawatts.

According to the Chinese media, they have taken the lead in the massive turbine race. Haizhuang Wind Power announced the production of an 18-megawatt “monster” and Mingyang Smart Energy announced plans to “go beyond the 18-megawatt threshold.” One expert predicts a 25 megawatt wind turbine will be built soon.


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