China helps Russia with weapons and equipment – The Telegraph

(ORDO NEWS) — “Neutral” China is arming Russia with helicopters, drones, optical sights and the most important metals used in the defense industry. This is reported by with reference to The Telegraph.

According to the report, Russian firms, including those under sanctions, are involved in the production of missile launchers, armored vehicles and strategic bombers and have received tens of thousands of shipments from China since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine through the first quarter of this year.

It comes as China, which insists on remaining neutral, is trying to position itself as a key peace broker in talks aimed at ending the conflict.

The Telegraph reviewed extensive data showing exports of materials from China to Russian defense contractors and military equipment manufacturers from early 2022 to the first quarter of this year.

Trade between China and Russia is expected to exceed $200 billion this year, a new record, even as Chinese exports to other countries have fallen significantly.

According to analysis by the Observatory of Economic Complexity, a trade data visualizer, exports of goods with potential military uses more than tripled in the year ended June this year compared to the previous year.

According to the investigation, it is China’s support that helps Russia withstand the sanctions, which calls into question the effectiveness of an important part of the West’s campaign against Moscow, aimed at paralyzing the Russian economy.

According to Molfar Global, an open-source research organization, one Chinese company sent 1,000 drones to Russia two months before the war. The company, Shantou Honghu Plastics, describes itself as a wholesaler of children’s toys on its website and social media profiles.

The drones were sent to a Russian firm called Samson, which also describes itself as a game and toy wholesaler and appears to be a front company, listing only 10,000 rubles of capital to its name, according to a public company registry.

Then, four days after the start of the war in Ukraine, the Chinese company Hems999 delivered two helicopters. Another Chinese company, Tianjin Huarong Aviation, has transferred four Airbus helicopters to Russia since the start of the war.

Chinese firms also shipped optical sights to more than 50 Russian companies from early 2022 to the first quarter of this year. Imports of these products nearly doubled to $2.5 million last year compared to the previous year.

Beijing and Moscow have reportedly held secret talks with Iran over the supply of ammonium perchlorate, a chemical compound used to propel ballistic missiles – a deal, if reached, likely to be hidden from official trade registries.


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