China has developed a huge walking military robots

(ORDO NEWS) — China claims to have built “the world’s largest four-legged bionic robot,” a giant “mechanical yak” that can carry more than 350 pounds at 6.2 mph, according to a report by the state-run Global Times newspaper. Its purpose is to transport equipment for soldiers stationed in remote areas.

The video, published by the People’s Daily, also affiliated with the Chinese government, shows the huge four-legged walking along an empty road. It is also seen traversing dusty slopes in the desert, an impressive mechanical feat that could one day be of great use in areas inaccessible to conventional vehicles, and even become a weapon.

The design of the robot is certainly quite familiar. The robot bears a striking resemblance to Boston Dynamics’ DARPA-funded “AlphaDog” four-legged robot, which was first unveiled to the public in 2012. Another development from the company, called the “BigDog”, dates back to 2005 and was capable of carrying 340 pounds at 4 mph.

The new Chinese yak robot is able to move forward, backward and diagonally. He can even “rush and jump” according to state media.

Military countries apparently plan to use it to transport materials, including ammunition and food, through mountainous regions or deserts where conventional vehicles cannot cope.

More worryingly, the report also suggests that the robot could be used for reconnaissance missions – the equivalent of a drone, but on the ground.

China has also developed a much more compact, dog-sized quadruped called the Geda, which could also help haul cargo in remote areas.

China’s latest arsenal of four-legged robots proves the country’s latest technological advances in warfare, a booming industry that could change the face of warfare forever.


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