China has created a “new world order” in technology

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — China has created a “new world order” in technology areas, including the development of critical digital infrastructure, artificial intelligence (AI) and data collection, according to the American analytical center The Future Today Institute.

“The growth of the Chinese economy may slow down, but it would be a mistake to assume that the People’s Republic of China has lost its influence,” the center’s analysts report on technology trends in 2020. “The middle class is growing rapidly in China, there is an educated and trained workforce, and the government implements long-term plans.”

According to the Institute’s forecasts, this year China will continue to assert its positions and compete worthily with the United States and other countries for world leadership in areas such as artificial intelligence, bioengineering and space exploration.

For the 13th time, the Future Today Institute emphasizes China’s global leadership in the field of artificial intelligence, facilitated by the collection of data from citizens.

“If the data is new oil, then China is the new OPEC,” the report says. “The country’s huge population – about 1.4 billion people – offers researchers and startups who work there what could be the most valuable natural resource in the future, human data, without restrictions on privacy and security issues, which is different from most of the rest of the world. ”

The big data that the Chinese provide can be used in AI training to identify patterns in a variety of fields, from education and production to retail and military applications, the report said.

In a report, The Future Today Institute names the Chinese BAT, an abbreviation formed by the first letters of the names of technology giants Baidu, Alibaba Group Holding and Tencent Holdings, among the nine major technology companies in the world that “control the future of artificial intelligence.” All other firms are American: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, IBM and Apple.

These nine companies are not only the driving force behind most of the research, financing, government participation and consumer AI applications in the world, but also “have a huge impact” on the financing of AI startups and the promotion of mergers and acquisitions in the industry, according to the institute.

Compared to China, where business and government are collaborating on a large-scale plan to turn China into a world center of innovation in the field of artificial intelligence by 2030, the United States has numerous initiatives, cells and centers that independently work on the future of artificial intelligence on behalf of the nation. The article says the analytical center.

However, according to the institute, “there is not enough interagency cooperation and coordinated efforts” to streamline goals, research and development, and financing.


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