China has created a drone with a laser drive for eternal flight

(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese scientists say they have developed a way to use high-energy laser beams to keep an unmanned vehicle in flight for ultra-long periods of time, SMCP said.

Specialists from the Northwestern Polytechnic University proposed to equip the device with a module that converts light energy into electricity, which will allow remotely powering the drone’s electric motor.

The author of the project has not yet named the characteristics of the system, since it can be used for military purposes.

However, from the presentation of the project it follows that the drone will be able to climb to the height of a skyscraper.

In turn, scientists claim that they have already conducted tests indoors, as well as outdoors, day and night. According to them, the device showed efficiency in all conditions.

The developers believe that in the future the technology can be used to create an airbus transport network.


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