China estimated the likelihood of an outbreak of bubonic plague

(ORDO NEWS) — A Chinese woman diagnosed with bubonic plague is in critical condition. A 55-year-old woman discovered her first symptoms on August 14, according to the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Hygiene and Health Committee. However, an accurate diagnosis was made only a week later.

The authorities have already put in place an emergency response mechanism and introduced strict controls in areas at risk of spreading the disease.

Li Tong, chief physician of the infectious diseases department of the Beijing Capital Medical University Hospital, noted that the risk of transmission of bubonic plague from person to person in the early stages of the disease is rather low. 

In an interview with the Chinese newspaper Health Times, he said that the disease is usually transmitted by airborne droplets. The risk of person-to-person transmission increases when the plague becomes pulmonary.

Most often, rodents become sources of infection: marmots, ground squirrels, squirrels, rats, and fleas living on these mammals, which are often eaten by residents of the Asian region, act as carriers. A year earlier, it was the eating of a rodent that caused the death of a young girl.


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