China conducts world’s first precision time propagation experiment in space

(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have carried out the world’s first high-precision frequency and time propagation experiment in outer space at a distance of 113 km.

While the stability of time propagation reaches the femtosecond level, which can meet the time propagation requirements of optical clocks with the highest accuracy.

Scientists placed two terminals in laboratories at a distance of 113 km from each other. Each terminal was equipped with a laser, a telescope and two optical frequency combs that accurately measure the frequencies of light.

They sent laser pulses carrying information between the two telescopes, allowing them to set and confirm what time it was.

It is expected that this achievement in the field of basic scientific research will find wide application in the study of fundamental problems of physics, from navigation to the detection of gravitational waves and the search for dark matter.


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