China claims it’s not their rocket that’s approaching the moon

(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese representatives made a statement that the rocket, which has turned into space debris and is currently heading towards the moon, is not their property and is not part of the space program.

Initially, experts assumed that the object, which will soon crash into the moon, is actually part of the SpaceX rocket.

It was launched into orbit seven years ago, and after it coped with the task, it was thrown into outer space. Some time ago, scientists received a statement that, most likely, this is a Chinese apparatus, which was used as part of a space program created to study the Earth’s satellite. Presumably, a booster called Chang’e 5-T1 is heading to the moon. It was launched into space in 2014.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China began to refute this statement. They noted that the rocket, which the experts are talking about, returned without problems back into the Earth’s atmosphere and then completely burned out.

China has spent billions of dollars to develop its own military space program. Experts plan to soon create everything necessary so that people can easily go to the moon. China took a very serious step last year. The country launched a manned mission to its space station, which became the longest ever known.

It is worth noting that an object is approaching the Moon, the weight of which reaches almost 4 tons. The collision of space debris with the Earth’s satellite will happen on March 4.

This strange object was discovered in the early spring of 2015 by employees of the University of Arizona. Initially, astronomers thought it was an asteroid and even gave it the name WE0913A.

After some time, it was possible to establish that the object revolves around our planet, and not around the Sun, so it cannot be a cosmic body. This was the reason that scientists began to say that this was a piece of equipment unknown at that time.

On January 5 of this year, it was found that space debris approached the Moon, and its flight path shifted slightly. The calculations showed that the object at a speed of more than nine thousand kilometers per hour will crash into the opposite side of our satellite.


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