China builds world’s largest 16 MW wind turbine

(ORDO NEWS) — A huge offshore wind turbine with the world’s highest power density rolled off the assembly line in eastern China‘s Fujian province, according to China’s China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG).

According to CTG, the 16-megawatt wind turbine boasts the world’s longest impeller with a diameter of 252 meters, the lightest weight per megawatt and a hub height of 146 meters, equivalent to the height of a 50-story building.

The turbine, jointly developed by CRG and Xinjiang Goldwind Sci & Tech Co., Ltd., is an innovation in the production of high quality wind turbines.

The project is the result of a collaboration between the China Three Gorges (CTG) and Goldwind, and the partners said it demonstrated that China is now “leading, not following” in the global wind energy sector.

CTG and Goldwind believe the 16 MW plant is the most powerful generator ever built. Its huge rotor diameter provides an area of ​​50,000 meters that can generate enough electricity to power 36,000 households a year, CTG says.

A wind turbine can save 22,000 tons of standard coal and 54,000 tons of carbon dioxide, while its average annual power generation is over 66 million kWh.

The huge new turbine came as a surprise as it was unveiled right after the same partners had introduced a 13.6 MW turbine.

This and the new turbine now puts Goldwind at the forefront of a group of Chinese OEMs currently meeting and exceeding the scale of models planned by western competitors Vestas, Siemens Gamesa and GE.

CTG Chairman Lei Mingshan said, “The successful implementation of the 16MW plant shows that my country’s wind power equipment industry has made a historic leap from ‘following’ to ‘walking alongside’ and then to ‘leading’, creating the newest milestone for development. global offshore wind energy”.

The head of CTG said his model was created following calls from the Chinese authorities for the independent development of advanced technologies that meet international standards in critical industries.

“The 16 MW plant has achieved important technological breakthroughs in the research, development and production of key core components such as large main shaft bearings and ultra-long lightweight blades,” added Goldwind Chief Engineer Zhai Andy.

“The digital level of monitoring of the operation status of the plant is high and it can intelligently adjust the operation mode for severe weather conditions such as typhoons,” Andy also said.


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