China builds weather management system or climate weapons?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Beijing began to develop a special system with which the weather could be controlled. Many countries, in turn, call such a development a new climate weapon.

This topic has been raised very often lately and has sowed panic among the governments of large countries.

Last December, the PRC State Council issued a new statement that the development of a weather management system was beginning.

Such a system will help in the future to remove the consequences of natural disasters, as well as to effectively cope with too high air temperatures.

Some of the experts believe that China can use this development in order to influence the weather in countries that are nearby.

There is information that not only China, but also the United States has climate weapons. It is used to cause very serious natural disasters.

There is also no doubt that China has managed to study all the issues that relate to climate weapons and if they are not yet available, they are now being actively developed by local scientists.


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