China builds a hypersonic vehicle that can “park” in orbit

(ORDO NEWS) — This aircraft can remain in space for a long period of time.

U.S. Space Force officer Lt. Gen. Chance Saltzman, deputy chief of space operations for operations, cybernetics and nuclear weapons, said China’s new hypersonic weapon system is an orbital device and can remain in space for extended periods of time.

Saltzman made several announcements about China’s suborbital hypersonic glider. According to him, one should understand what exactly we are talking about.

“This is a completely different system, because the fractional orbit is different from the suborbital one. Fractional orbit means that it can stay in orbit as long as the user defines it, and then drops it out of orbit as part of the flight path, ”explains the expert.

The term hypersonic defines speeds in excess of Mach 5, five times the speed of sound. The suborbital defines objects that can reach space, but do not go into orbit around the Earth.

Saltzman suggests that the Chinese system is designed to spend a certain amount of time in space.

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, run by China, has announced a suborbital reuse demonstration from the Jaquan Satellite Launch Center.


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