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Children’s behavior linked to where they live

Childrens behavior linked to where they live

(ORDO NEWS) — An international team of scientists has come to the conclusion that children from different areas behave differently. So, the behavior of babies depends on whether they live in an urban area or in a village.

The first study of its kind, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , examined the behavior of children living in different parts of the world – Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.

It was carried out by scientists from the University of Plymouth (Great Britain), the Free University of Berlin (Germany) and other scientific organizations. The work involved 376 children aged five to eight years.

They were asked to play a game of sorting blocks, half of the children were taught to sort blocks by shape, and the other half by color. Then the subjects were divided into pairs: one child played, the other watched.

The study showed that all children interfered in one way or another in the other’s play if they thought he was doing something not according to the rules. But how they did it depended on where they lived. For example, children from the countryside were more likely to use imperative verbal protest than children from the city. In addition, their interference with the other’s play was more active.

“Since everyone knows each other in small communities, we assumed that direct intervention in this case would be less common. After all , people can rely on indirect signs such as reputation to comply with the rules. But we found the opposite, ”says lead author Patricia Cannigisser of the University of Plymouth.

In the future, scientists intend to find out what exactly contributes to the interference in the game and, most importantly, how children learn to do it in one way or another: whether they are adopting it from the surrounding adults or older children.


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