Child finds 1,000-year-old Viking bowl in Norway

(ORDO NEWS) — Ancient Viking bowl found in Norway Her photos were published by the NRK channel.

The discovery was made by ten-year-old Eric while taking a boat trip with his father along the Glomma River. The bowl was lying in the sand on the shore, and initially it was mistaken for a tree root.

The boy’s father reluctantly sent the item to the Innlandet County Council, after which the authorities chipped off a small fragment from the bowl and sent it to a laboratory in Florida for analysis.

Radiocarbon analysis showed that the bowl was used approximately 800-1000 years ago, when the Vikings lived in Norway.

The bowl is rather crudely made and probably used by the poor. The value of the find is not yet clear – archaeologists know many such bowls, but all from fragments.

Traditionally, the Norwegians of the Viking Age are associated with beautiful weapons and rich treasures, but in reality the vast majority of the population lived very poorly.

That is why people became Vikings – participants in overseas campaigns for the sake of booty, mercenary or, in rare cases, settlements in favorable conditions.

In the course of this, only a few out of a thousand acquired real wealth, mainly leaders.


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