Chicken fillet helped to bring a teenager out of a two-month coma

(ORDO NEWS) — A guy named Chiu from Taiwan had a serious accident while riding a scooter. The result was a 62-day coma. Parents no longer hoped that their son would regain consciousness.

The guy was diagnosed with a ruptured spleen, kidney, liver. He had severe hemorrhage and rupture of the iliac artery. In total, doctors performed seven operations; during the last six, the young man was already in a coma.

Relatives sat with their child all the time, losing hope every day. And only the older brother believed that everything would end well.

One day, he brought Chiu’s favorite chicken fillet, saying, “Bro, I’m going to eat your favorite food.” Suddenly, the victim’s pulse quickened and his eyes opened. Surprisingly, after that, the guy began to recover quickly. A real miracle happened.

After discharge, the family of the young man and Chiu himself presented the medical staff with a large cake as a token of gratitude for the long and high-quality care.


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