Chicken and human DNA are 70% similar

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have found that the genetic similarity between chicken and humans is at least 70%. At the same time, at the genetic level, a person is similar to a fly of Drosophila and even a cucumber, and the similarity is due to physiological characteristics.

According to the head of the chicken farm Vasily Ropia, chicken is often considered a stupid creature, but in fact it is a delusion. This bird has an excellent memory, it knows how to navigate the terrain and even has a predisposition to count. Identical genes in humans and chicken may be associated with the metabolic system and are responsible for digesting food, converting it into energy and excreting waste.

If we compare genes in DNA in humans and other animals, then the similarity will be due to a similar physiological mechanism. Moreover, the cucumber also has it. This vegetable consumes oxygen and synthesizes the enzymes it needs, the same is done by the human body. And the closest genetic “relatives” of humans are primates.

Earlier, a team of scientists conducted a study of the molecular mechanism of aging and identified a gene that is responsible for aging in the body .


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