Cherry blossoms hit record early in Tokyo due to climate change

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(ORDO NEWS) — Japanese meteorologists attribute the shift in cherry blossoms to global warming and rising average temperatures. The trend has become clear in the last few years.

Japan has kicked off the official start of the cherry blossom season in the capital, Tokyo. In 2023, this happened earlier than at any time in 70 years of observations.

Japanese meteorologists have recorded an earlier start of flowering cherry trees. On average, the date has shifted 10 days closer to the beginning of March.

This year the flowers bloomed six days earlier than last year.

According to experts, the situation is due to global warming. They also pointed out that the beginning of the first month of spring was unseasonably mild for the same reason.

Somei-Yoshino, which accounts for more than 90% of Japanese cherries, blooms for about a week. As a rule, the trees begin to bloom at the same time, because they are clones of the same plant.

Previously, talked about the abnormal heat in northern China in early March. In some regions, the thermometers rose above 30 ° C.

The countries of Europe also faced an unusually early drought. The fall in the water level in rivers and other bodies of water was recorded in Italy, France and the UK.


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