Cherokee tribe and creatures from other worlds

(ORDO NEWS) — In the legends of the Cherokee aliens, strange creatures are mentioned with abilities such as teleportation and invisibility. They even fought alongside them against the invaders.

The Cherokee talk a lot about strange creatures known as nunnehs. The Nunnehs were extraterrestrial beings and had a positive influence on this tribe, even supporting them during battles against local and European invaders.

Cherokee are indigenous people living in the states of Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina.


They are very spiritual and believe in three different worlds: the Upper World, This World and the Underworld.

According to the Cherokee, spiritual power is also in this world, the physical earthly world. This is found in nature: rocks, rivers, trees, animals, etc.

Nunnehs are described as being invisible, although they can manifest themselves at will. They even changed their form into a human warrior.

They were similar to the native North Americans, but they had a certain “supernatural” or “alien” aura. Nunnehi means “travelers” but also “people who live anywhere” because they lived in foreign lands (inside mountains, underworlds, and even under rivers).

They were considered alien creatures with extraordinary abilities, including teleportation and, most incredible, immortality.

They helped travelers lost in the desert or seriously injured, who were taken to their underworlds to be healed. Some Cherokee lived near them.

How They Helped the Cherokee Fight the Invaders

The Nunnehis often joined this Native American tribe during wars against European settlers or invaders.

Not far from Mount Nickweiss (North Carolina), a battle broke out between the Cherokee and another tribe: when the Cherokee were forced to retreat, unknown creatures came to the rescue and the invaders were destroyed.

A story compiled by ethnologist James Mooney in his 1898 book Cherokee Myths tells of the creatures’ home built in a circular depression in the ground. The house was located near the old town of Tougaloo and looked like Cherokee villas.

The people who lived there were incorporeal. Whenever one of the people threw garbage into this house, after a few hours it looked clean again. The English colonists also experienced this strange phenomenon.


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