Chasing Neuralink: Gates and Bezos invest in brain chips

(ORDO NEWS) — The Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos foundations have joined other investors in investing $75 million in brain-computer interface (BCI) startup Synchron.

The company’s device, designed to help the paralyzed, is already being tested on humans.

The Switch device, developed by Synchron, is inserted, like a coronary stent, into a person’s jugular vein.

It is designed to help paralyzed people communicate with the outside world by giving them the ability to control a computer cursor.

The startup has already implanted the chips in two of the three test participants. Doctors will follow them for a year.

Elon Musk‘s company Neuralink is engaged in similar developments , which plans to implant a chip in a person for the first time in six months to use a computer and smartphone without the help of hands.


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