CERN scientists one step away from understanding why antimatter didn’t destroy the universe

(ORDO NEWS) — With the help of lasers, CERN specialists were able to cool down antimatter for the first time. Thanks to this, it may be possible to solve one of the main mysteries of the Universe.

All the facts available to scientists say that antimatter should have destroyed the universe, but this did not happen. Unlike dark matter, specialists can work with antimatter, since it is ordinary matter with the opposite electrical charge. A different charge is just a big problem.

For the movement of antimatter, special containers with electromagnetism have been developed. The substance is held in them in a vacuum. For a detailed study, the antimatter had to be cooled, since in the standard state antiatoms create a noisy environment.

Cooling was 0.012 degrees Kelvin, well below absolute zero. Scientists hope for more accurate measurements that will reveal the characteristics of a substance of a completely different category. Perhaps it will be possible to answer the question of why the universe still exists.


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