CERN approved the construction of a giant collider

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN has approved a plan to build a huge collider – particle accelerator with a perimeter (ring length) of 100 kilometers. It is reported by the journal Nature . The project cost will be 23 billion dollars. This installation will be almost four times larger than the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), whose length is only 27 kilometers.

The accelerator’s design name is Future Circular Collider (FCC). It will collide with each other charged particles with an energy of the order of 100 tera-electron-volts (for comparison, in the LHC this indicator reaches only 16 TeV). They want to use FCC primarily for creating and further studying Higgs bosons – elementary particles discovered in 2012 and allowing to build a renormalizable quantum field theory.

“Such a device will be able to generate a huge number of Higgs bosons in a clean environment, which will make it possible to make significant progress in determining the various interactions of the Higgs boson with other particles, as well as conduct extremely high-precision measurements,” CERN experts said in a press release. Studying these particles can also help physicists uncover the mystery of the existence of dark matter.

Construction of the Future Ring Collider want to start in 2038. However, the implementation of these plans is highly dependent on funding. The FCC project is very expensive, and the money for it will have to be sought outside the EU. Attracting capital is also complicated by the fact that the new particle accelerator has not yet been set the same clear task as for the Large Hadron Collider.

By the way, plans to modernize the LHC at CERN are also not forgotten. Among them is to complete the modernization of the collider with increasing its luminosity by installing powerful magnets made of niobium-tin alloy. This will make it possible to carry out more particle collisions in the LHC and increase the chance of detecting rare quantum phenomena.

Earlier we reported that on the surface of gold Majorana fermions were discovered – elementary particles that are simultaneously their own antiparticles, as well as the fact that physicists were first able to measure the neutron lifetime in space.


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