Cereal that provokes heart problems

(ORDO NEWS) — Food products determine in many ways the health of the body. An improper diet can cause blood clots to block arteries and cause heart attacks. In most cases, blockage of blood vessels leads to death.

To prevent diseases, you should carefully monitor your diet. Scientists have identified cereals that increase the risk of heart attack. So, experts advised not to get carried away with the consumption of rice in large quantities, since it may contain arsenic in a certain concentration. The effect of the poison is manifested only with the regular consumption of rice porridge.

British scientists have determined that 25% of residents of the country who regularly eat at risk have a 6% increased risk of developing a heart attack. According to University of Manchester professor David Pohl, the environmental study had several limitations, but it showed a clear correlation between rice consumption and heart and vascular problems.

Experts have calculated that the arsenic content of foods causes 50,000 premature deaths a year. Arsenic is a very common poison found in the soil in which rice is grown.


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