Centenarians share the secret of their good health

(ORDO NEWS) — Walter Longo – Director of the University of Southern California conducted a survey among centenarians. The study involved people over 100 years old. The purpose of this survey was to find out what is the secret of longevity and good health of people.

This is reported by Express.

Walter Longo noted that all respondents answered the same question about physical activity. Everyone over 100 feels great because they do physical activities every day: morning exercises, gymnastics, outdoor walks, yoga and even dancing.

An active lifestyle literally prolongs youth. The body will stay awake, the cardiovascular system works like a Swiss watch.

Okinawans are known throughout the world for their longevity. Longo studied their way of life and noticed that the islanders’ diet also prolongs their life. The fact is that long-livers of Okinawa do not eat fatty foods, they eat fruits, vegetables, seafood. Japan is famous for its martial arts. In fact, every resident practices them – this is also physical activity.

Also, Dr. Walter Longo notes that it is very important to choose the sport that you like. And then you will live a long life without chronic diseases.


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