Celebrities who “met” ghosts

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(ORDO NEWS) — Not everyone believes in the existence of the other world. However, the celebrities from the following collection encountered a poltergeist in their own lives and were not afraid to tell about it.

Lady Gaga

One of the most shocking representatives of the world stage, Lady Gaga, assures that for many years she has been haunted by a ghost named Ryan. The singer has already got used to such a “neighborhood”, but admits that sometimes it makes her uncomfortable.

Ricky Martin

In 2008, the musician purchased a mansion in Miami Beach and immediately learned that a ghost lives there, which is against any rearrangements and repairs. It is not difficult to guess that Ricky Martin was skeptical about this information and began to redo the interior of the house. However, in the end, he had to sell the acquired property, since the ghost arranged “fights” and tableware regularly flew over the artist’s head.

Kate Winslet

The star of “Titanic” Kate Winslet bought a house in London, despite the fact that everyone around was talking about the evil spirits that live there. After a while, the actress resold the mansion to her colleague Gwyneth Paltrow, and she called specialists from the Kabbalah center to cleanse her home of otherworldly forces.


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