Cavers said they found at the bottom of the Yemeni “well of hell”

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(ORDO NEWS) — Cavers from the Oman Cave Exploration Team (OCET) were the first of all specialists to sink to the bottom of the world famous Barkhout well. This miracle has a natural origin and the locals are very much afraid of it. Many believed that this was a prison that was reserved only for geniuses.

AFP reports.

He was nicknamed “the well of hell.” It is located in the desert located in the Al-Mahra province of Yemen. The well is about 112 meters deep and almost 30 meters wide. Over the centuries, there have been numerous rumors that numerous evil spirits live at the very bottom.

Inside this natural wonder, experts have discovered many snakes and dead animals, as well as unique cave pearls. Professor Mohammed al-Kindi noted that snakes do not attack unless touched. He also added that this project may well become a real miracle and an important part of the history of Yemen.

In addition, sufficient samples of soil, water, stones and parts of dead animals were collected in the well. After a thorough analysis has been carried out, experts will tell you about what they have found out.


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