Catastrophe on Earth may be 60% more dangerous than previously thought

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(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from Belgium have published the results of their latest study. They said the climate disaster could be much worse than previously thought, reports Nature Communications.

Scientists from two different organizations said that ice in Greenland is melting at an incredible rate. Recent models have shown that the island will melt about 60% more ice than previously thought. As a result, sea level will rise significantly by 2100.

In the event that the Greenland Shield melts completely, then the sea level may rise by 7 meters. Of course, the state of the climate is not yet so terrible, but experts are already in a panic. If the air temperature no longer increases, then at such a rate by 2100 the sea level will rise not by 10 centimeters, as previously thought, but by 18.

In Greenland, the ice began to melt due to the fact that the Arctic became much warmer. If the temperature rises even more, then the catastrophe cannot be avoided. Experts plan to soon start releasing several types of forecasts of sea level rise so that the public is aware of what is happening.


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