Carpets improve air quality and reduce noise

(ORDO NEWS) — Indoor carpets not only help reduce noise and vibration levels, but also improve air quality. This was told to Gazeta.Ru in the press service of the SberUslugi service with reference to an expert, interior designer Polina Tsvetkova.

According to Tsvetkova, carpets, contrary to popular belief, help clean the air by “trapping dust particles until they get into the vacuum cleaner.”

In addition, carpets help, as well as blackout curtains, to keep the heat in the room – this, along with windows with good thermal insulation, allows you to “avoid the problem with heating efficiency.” Thus, the apartment uses resources more economically, which is good for the environment.

Other tricks can make a home more environmentally friendly and economical.

For example, according to Polina Tsvetkova, it is worth choosing household appliances with an energy-saving mode and LED lamps that save electricity.

In order to reduce the amount of waste, it makes sense to install a waste disposer in the kitchen – a disposer. To save water, the faucet in the sink can be equipped with an aerator.

Finally, the application of the principles of upcycling for pieces of furniture will benefit the environment: instead of throwing away armchairs and chairs that have lost their appearance, you can contact a restorer.

“Also, one of the important trends of recent years has been the active use of vintage furniture instead of new ones,” the designer believes. “And a growing number of design companies are making materials and furnishings from recycled materials.”

When buying new furniture, you should pay attention to the products of local manufacturers.


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