Cancer cells can hibernate to avoid chemotherapy

(ORDO NEWS) — New conclusions from the Princess Margaret Cancer Center suggest that cancer cells can avoid chemotherapy and any treatment by hibernating. As a result, oncology manifests itself again in months or years.

Experts examined the cells of colorectal cancer. During the reconstruction of various conditions, it was observed that cells can hibernate to a state that is resistant to drugs and chemicals. The discovery explains how relapses occur.

A tumor in its behavior is similar to the whole organism. She is able to move into a phase in which activity is minimized and the need for resources for growth almost completely disappears.

When colorectal cancer cells were placed in a petri dish and subjected to chemotherapy, they coordinated and went into hibernation. They kept this form until the environmental conditions improved.

The results obtained are relevant for all cancer cells. In some cases, the cells can eat themselves for food and then grow. Thanks to the research, specialists will be able to send drugs to cancer cells in such a way that they do not have time to “defend themselves.”


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