Can you get the coronavirus from food: the final answer given

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(ORDO NEWS) — The coronavirus has been spreading around the world for six months now, and no one still knows where it came from. New findings of scientists cast doubt on the theory that food was originally infected with the virus.

When the virus first appeared, everyone was sure it was on seafood in the Wuhan market. However, now this version has been called into question: scientists are not sure that the virus can be transmitted from animals to humans and through food.

On 13 August, chicken wings and frozen shrimp were analyzed in southern China. They found a coronavirus on them, but somehow the group of people who came into contact with these products were healthy.

Shenzhen’s health authorities then tracked and tested all citizens. As a result, not a single infected person was found. Chicken and shrimp came from Brazil and Ecuador, respectively.

Scientists in China have found that the virus can actually persist on surfaces for a long time at low temperatures (down to -20 ° C), but there is no evidence that people were infected with the strain through frozen foods.

Despite the absence of real cases of infection through food, in Brazil, people were advised to take measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection through imported meat and seafood.

There are also no recorded cases in the world that the coronavirus is transmitted from animal to person. This casts doubt on the theory that the virus was originally carried by bats, and then it migrated to humans.

Another myth is related to waterborne transmission. Doctors rule out this option. In their opinion, infection is possible only through human-to-human contact. The virus is contained in droplets that scatter when you sneeze, cough, and talk.

Thus, every month there are more and more controversial points in the facts that until recently were true. Each new finding raises many questions about the origin of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, so far, scientists cannot say for sure where the strain came from.


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