Can science revive dinosaurs

(ORDO NEWS) — In order to bring back an extinct species of animal to this world, we need a source of DNA from that species, which will act as instructions for recreating a living organism.

Occasionally, DNA is preserved in fossils, and the oldest DNA recovered to date has come from a 700,000-year-old horse bone found in permafrost in what is now Canada.

Based on the fact that DNA is a very fragile structure that breaks down over time, it is quite safe to say that humanity will not be able to find it in samples over a million years old. Dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, which means we will never find their DNA to bring them back to this sinful world.

Work of scientists with other species

In 2003, scientists were able to bring back to the world the Bucardo goat, which has been extinct since 2000. Cells with DNA taken from the last living female before she left were used to create a clone. The resulting embryo was transplanted into the womb of an ordinary domestic goat.

Can science revive dinosaurs 2

The cloned bucardo was removed by caesarean section, but, unfortunately, due to a lung defect, he lived less than an hour. Thus, the born bucardo became the first animal in history to become extinct twice!

Today, scientists are actively working to revive the Australian frog, the North American passenger pigeon and the woolly mammoth.

To implement the plan, a sensitive combination of cloning, gene editing and growing stem cells is used. The researchers hope that one day these species will return to this world where they belong.

All this is undoubtedly very important, as the possibility remains that one day climate change will lead to mass extinction.

Future generations, who will be forced to live on the ashes left by us, will probably be much smarter than us and will not only restore the Earth’s climate , but also revive its wonderful inhabitants.


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