Can glasses save you from coronavirus infection?

In addition there are masks and other personal protective equipment, which can protect from being infected by a coronavirus. But how effective are ordinary glasses, for example ?

(ORDO NEWS) — Vision problems never lead to anything good. To see better in everyday life, we wear glasses or lenses. Sometimes it is not very convenient, but you have to do it in order to do our usual things. However, sometimes glasses can help not only better see what is happening around, but also protect against all kinds of pathogens.

Chinese scientists have shown that ordinary glasses for correcting myopia or hyperopia can protect the person using them from contracting coronavirus infection. Scientists analyzed information from 276 patients in a Chinese hospital diagnosed with COVID-19.

It turned out that only 6% of patients wore glasses for 8 hours a day. However, on average in the population, this percentage is almost a third. This means that people who wear glasses are less likely to get coronavirus and go to the hospital with symptoms similar to it. In fact, protecting the mucous membrane of the eye can prevent infection from entering the body by closing one of the pathways for it.

Despite the positive results, scientists have yet to say definitively about the benefits of glasses for protection against COVID-19. Researchers plan to analyze a large sample of patients, but for now, they recommend maintaining social distance, wearing protective equipment, and not forgetting to handle your hands.


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