Can dinosaurs survive in the modern world?

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(ORDO NEWS) — Dinosaurs are making headlines again thanks to the new movie Jurassic Park: World Domination, which premiered recently. The new film takes place in a world where dinosaurs live among us.

The trailer shows how dinosaurs are impacting new habitats, from snow-covered wilderness to movie theaters. While this idea creates a good story on the silver screen, what if it actually happened?

In other words, if dinosaurs had not been wiped out centuries ago, could they have survived alongside us in our modern society?

There are many different factors that determine whether dinosaurs could survive today. Variables such as temperature, food sources, and oxygen levels are all factors that can affect the survival of dinosaurs.

Because dinosaurs lived in much warmer climates millions of years ago, many experts doubt they could have survived today.

However, new evidence shows that many dinosaur species could survive in colder temperatures (and even in snow) thanks to the insulation provided by their protofeathers.

Since their discovery, these feathers have been featured in shows such as Prehistoric Planet, which showcases modern dinosaur knowledge through amazing animation.

Can dinosaurs survive in the modern world 2

Even in the movie Jurassic Park: World Domination, the trailer shows dinosaurs making their way through the snow.

While these films are not prioritized for accuracy, they are consistent with experts’ view that lower temperatures may not be such a big problem for survival.

The level of oxygen in the atmosphere is another factor that must be taken into account for the survival of dinosaurs.

Archaeologists have determined the level of oxygen on our prehistoric Earth using air bubbles in amber.

These bubbles suggest that the Cretaceous atmosphere may have had an oxygen content of around 35%, which is significantly higher than the 21% oxygen in our modern atmosphere.

Can dinosaurs survive in the modern world 3

So if dinosaurs lived in our modern society, they would certainly experience the effects of altitude sickness, including fatigue.

This would greatly weaken these creatures and prevent them from being as active as they are depicted in the Jurassic Park movies.

If dinosaurs survived today, they would need to eat too. Although the Jurassic Park movies depict carnivorous dinosaurs as carnivorous beasts that mainly harm humans, the reality would be very different.

Like many wild carnivores, dinosaurs attacked prey they knew well, which were mostly other dinosaurs.

However, since the human population has greatly increased and is ubiquitous throughout the world, one should not be surprised if a hypothetical modern dinosaur changes prey for evolutionary reasons.

Can dinosaurs survive in the modern world 4

For herbivorous dinosaurs, the options would not be as diverse. The modern amount of vegetation needed to sustain these animals has declined significantly since the Cretaceous due to human activities such as deforestation, development, and travel.

As vegetation continues to shrink, largely due to climate change, herbivorous dinosaurs will not have enough food to sustain themselves and may not be able to live as long as their carnivorous cousins.

While dinosaurs living among us seem like a great idea (and certainly an interesting plot for a movie), it also raises a few questions.

Can dinosaurs survive in the modern world 5

These questions concern how the functioning of our society will change with the advent of these colossal beings.

As with all Jurassic Park movies, we as a society need to know who is to blame if these animals turn deadly and who will ultimately be in control.

Regardless, real-life dinosaurs in prehistoric times, and even the ones we see in theaters today, continue to underscore the classic struggle between humans and beasts…


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