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Can an Algorithm Own a Painting

Can an Algorithm Own a Painting

(ORDO NEWS) — The United States Copyright Office (USCO) handled the case of Steven Tyler, who tried to copyright an image on behalf of the Creativity Machine algorithm. More on the verdict.

As it became known, USCO rejected a request to grant copyright to a work of art to artificial intelligence. The Board ruled that the image generated by the algorithm does not contain the element of “human authorship” required to protect rights.

What is known

The bureau said the current copyright law only provides protection for “intellectual products” that are “based on the creative powers of the mind.”

Thus, a copyrighted work “must be created by a human” and the office says it will not register works “created by a machine or a simple mechanical process” that lack the intervention or creative input of a human author.

However, the source writes, this does not mean at all that any work of art created using AI cannot be protected.

Thaler insisted that humans had no part in the creation of the Creative Machine’s images because his goal was to prove that works created by machines could be protected.

So if someone tries to copyright a similar work by claiming it is their own creation, the result may be very different.


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