California park ranger accidentally finds a mastodon skull

(ORDO NEWS) — This is really good news for paleontologists in the United States, as a park ranger in California has discovered a huge number of fossils. Among the finds is the skull of a mastodon.

California park ranger accidentally finds a mastodon skull 1

They also found the remains of a prehistoric fish that weighed more than 180 kg. It is reported by Live Science.

Greg Franssen is the name of the East Bay Ranger. A man monitors the quality of drinking water in the same area. During another walk near the watershed, he noticed an unusual piece of stone.

The cobblestone looked very much like a piece of wood. The find even had annual rings, like on a real tree.

The man carefully examined the site and found other similar objects around. Interest did not leave the ranger. A few weeks later, he decided to study the area in more detail and found fossils of ancient vertebrates there.

Greg did not wait any longer, but immediately turned to geologists and paleontologists. Experts who arrived at the scene found that the fossils were approximately 10 million years old.

There are not so many such deposits in the state (according to paleontologists), so the find is very valuable for researchers.

Professor of paleontology and stratigraphy Russell Shapiro admitted that he was delighted with so many artifacts.

Fangs, teeth and a skull of a mastodon were found at the excavations. The bone has been perfectly preserved and will now be displayed at the local museum.

Also, hundreds of samples of other prehistoric animals were found: fish (the ancestor of salmon), an extinct camel, gomfoter and others. The research team carefully conceals the excavation site and works 24/7.


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