California legalizes racism

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The most famous part of the American Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson: “We consider it self-evident that all people are created equal, that the creator endowed them with certain inalienable rights, such as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Even contemporaries doubted whether this statement is paradoxical, because Jefferson himself had slaves. No, Jefferson was not an ideal, but his words began to be used as an argument in favor of the prohibition of slavery – first in individual states, and then in all the USA, when Abraham Lincoln reiterated this phrase.

They continue to use it now. Also relevant is the idea and the Christian belief that it was the European colonial states with great losses that forced the countries of Africa, the Middle East and Asia to abolish slavery. Unfortunately, slavery still exists in these regions, despite these efforts. At the same time, neither the United States nor anyone else was able to fully realize these high ideals. Racism and inequality have always existed as a kind of parallel reality.

What happens in the USA tends to affect much of the rest of the world. The goal of the cultural revolution, which is now sweeping the country, is to achieve equality before the law. In California, the most populous state, Congress recently overwhelmingly voted to lift the ban on discrimination based on race, gender, or ethnicity. Only two Republicans opposed this. “Is it fair to give someone a job just because they are white, black or yellow?” Asked Republican Steven Choi, who was born in South Korea when the country was occupied by Japan. – We are talking about the legalization of racism and sexism. I came to this country to be away from this way of thinking.”

And this is one of the strangest paradoxes of our time: those who call themselves fighters against racism do just what they can to ensure the conditions for racial discrimination. The main thing here is that the “necessary” group of people suffer.

To achieve equal distribution of resources between different groups, it is necessary to discriminate those for whom things are going well now. In reality, they will discriminate against those who are doing well at someone’s point of view, or those who have been doing well before. Many left-winged Americans have already ceased to believe that it is possible to arrive at a non-discriminatory non-sexist society.

Society is so rotten and saturated with corruption that something radically different is required. Coup. The revolution should be led by young people who are not tarnished by old models of thinking that are characteristic of the oppressors. “White supremacy” pervades everything around, it can even be seen from seemingly neutral language expressions, affirming racial oppression.

In Seattle, the white employees of the municipality are only white! – forced to take courses designed to “counter the inner racial white arrogance.” They are talking about phenomena in which racial oppression is manifested, for example, about ideas about “objectivity” and “security”, as well as about “individualism” and “intellectualization”. White is urged to admit that they are racists, and then refuse and trample on their own “whiteness”. Already even simply admitting that you are “wrong”, you can begin a process that someday (possibly) will lead to your “correction”. This is what they said in the Knutby sect (the notorious Swedish religious sect – approx. ed.).

In the same way as in the case of the Maoist cultural revolution in China, it is not enough for you to be the first to poison. Yascha Mounk at The Atlantic told how people lost their jobs because of some nonsense. One analyst tweeted that peaceful demonstrations will allow Democrats to get more votes, while violent protests after the assassination of Martin Luther King increased support for Richard Nixon. In less than a week, he was kicked out of work. Others lost their jobs when they spoke in the spirit of “all lives matter” or in some other way refused to assimilate revolutionary jargon.

Now we are witnessing a confrontation between two diametrically opposite ideas about justice. On the one hand, the idea that all groups should always be represented in an amount proportional to their share in the population. The value of a person is reduced to his belonging to a particular group. On the other hand – the idea that people need to be assessed in the same way, regardless of origin, starting only from their competence. Simply put, treat everyone the same.

Not only in society, but in the very heart of science, identity politics is beginning to take over. The important thing is not what they say, but who exactly says it. Scientific groups are now forming, taking into account gender and skin color. Supporters of the #ShutdownSTEM and #ShutdownAcademia movement, which began amid the Black Lives Matter protests, doubted whether objective science was even possible. Science and Nature, one of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world, published appeals in which they accused themselves of systematic racism against blacks. No evidence was provided: no such verification is necessary.

Anyone who tries to find out what is the truth in these allegations will lose his job or be driven out of the village by a pitchfork. Well, or banned on Twitter and Facebook, which, perhaps, can be considered a modern analogue.

In Sweden, we have the same movements and the same trends. Tricky organizations and authorities are looking for ways to circumvent the quota ban in order to “improve” the sex ratio and promote diversity. Indeed, as long as the “necessary” groups are discriminated, there is no danger.

And exactly what cannot be influenced (skin color, gender, age, sexual orientation and so on), which, according to the principle of equality, should not be paid attention, becomes a decisive factor when we stop believing in meritocracy. Perhaps it would be more honest to do the same as in California. If we still no longer believe in equal treatment of all, maybe we should not pretend.


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