California has the most powerful earthquake in 27 years

(ORDO NEWS) — In California and Nevada, an earthquake was simultaneously recorded, which reached a point of 6 points. Tremors were felt even in Las Vegas and San Francisco.

It is reported by NBC News.

A powerful earthquake happened on July 8 at 4 pm. The authorities issued a statement that no serious injury or personal injury occurred. The US Geological Survey provided data that after a strong earthquake, several dozen more aftershocks occurred, the strength of which was 4 points or more.

Carolina Estrada, the owner of the store, said that everything was shaking, and then bottles began to fall from the counters. The roof of her store even caved in. According to the woman, the earthquake lasted for about 30 seconds. She ran out into the street and saw how huge boulders began to fall nearby.

The California Burly Patrol announced that many cars were stoned, but no one was injured. The stones even blocked some sections of the highway, but the road was again accessible for movement after a couple of hours. She was completely released.

Jason Ballman talked about the fact that aftershocks can be observed in the region for several more days, so there may still be reports of injuries. It should be noted that this earthquake was the strongest over the past 27 years. The last time a 6.1-magnitude tremor hit California was in 1994.


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