By the end of the year, a new global threat could take millions of lives

(ORDO NEWS) — For several months, the world has been struggling with the coronavirus pandemic, and experts do not stop looking for ways to eliminate this problem. Another global danger is actively spreading at this time. Already today, many countries are threatened by hunger – warned at the Oxfam International Association. According to experts, by the end of this year, a huge number of people could die because of it.

The spread of hunger will provoke a number of different circumstances, among which are unemployment, losses due to quarantine, problems with the delivery of assistance. In the first place, such countries may be under attack: Yemen, Congo, Afghanistan, Venezuela, western part of Sub-Saharan Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria and Haiti.

Also, according to experts, it is obvious that the pandemic’s damage to the global economy cannot be eliminated by the end of this year, and possibly even next.

In the report, experts warn that by the end of this year, every day from hunger that arose as a result of the coronavirus, about 12 thousand people will die, which may be even more than from the disease itself.

Concerned about the situation at the UN, where they suggest that the problem of hunger could affect about a quarter of a billion people in different parts of the world. The organization also wants to create a food supply for three months, which can be sent to those countries where the situation will be the most difficult.

The incidence of COVID-19 continues to deteriorate in the world. So, as of July 9, there were already more than 12 million patients, and over the last day 213 thousand new cases were discovered. The fastest increase in the number of patients is observed in the USA and Brazil.


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