By the end of the century, fifteen hundred languages ​​will disappear in the world

(ORDO NEWS) — Australian scientists have published a scientific work according to which by the end of the twenty-first century, the world may become less than one and a half thousand languages. Today, according to the publication Nature Ecology & Evolution, about half of the seven thousand officially recognized languages ​​are threatened with extinction.

Researchers at the Australian National University have identified fifty factors that contribute to the extinction of languages. One factor is the length of schooling. It found that longer schooling increases the likelihood of languages ​​disappearing.

The study authors warned of the need to create school curricula that would support bilingual education. This method will allow you to preserve the indigenous languages ​​while studying the actual languages ​​that dominate in a particular region.

Another factor that provokes the disappearance of languages ​​is the density of road networks. Interestingly, the contacts of local languages ​​with each other do not pose risks of extinction. The indigenous population of Australia spoke more than two and a half hundred languages ​​before the colonization of the continent, but today there are only forty languages ​​in Australia, of which only twelve are taught in schools.


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